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((We are transitioning to a new website at Please visit us there! Here you will a wealth of older materials.)

Welcome friend, to our House and to our home. We are a refuge for all who seek a place of belonging. We are a family.

Long ago the founders of the Broken House fled from the hierarchy of a noble house they thought was being led in ill intention.  Who was right, or who was wrong was irrelevant but to how they felt.  It was in an act of heart that the Broken House was formed.

One of our founders opened the doors of our manor to those refugees, and many others that followed.  Whether we were villians or heroes was irrelevant to how we felt for each other.  It was an act of heart that kept us together. Though some time ago that lord and his lady were forever lost to us, we hold together still.

We are the Broken House, the family we never had, or always wanted.  Our goals and desires are many and diverse, our views and opinions even more far spread, but always we stand together as one in the face of whatever darkness opposes us.  We are broken in name, and perhaps in our bodies, or our minds, and maybe even the very making of our souls.  But now that we have found each other, never in our hearts.

If you, friend, are one to act with heart, fear not the eyes of judgment.  You are not alone, and our doors are open to you. All peoples of the Horde are welcome, and are safe among us.

((Welcome to our site! Feel free to browse. If you are interested in joining, or just want access to our forums as a friend, please start by registering. We'd prefer a user name that allows us to identify you by character. 

Established in 2007, we are a highly-literary and lore-based role-playing guild of the Horde faction on the Sisters of Elune (US) server with in-character and out-of-character instances, vent, many vault tabs, tabard, in-character and out-of-character channels, and alliances with other role-playing guilds. We invite quality participation from our friends and allies on our forums. Please see our Code of Conduct for specific expectations.))


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